Saturday, 30 May 2015

Life Goes On: Go With It We Must

Boy oh boy, it's been a while, I know. My consistency is getting worse than ethics at FIFA.

In my defence, it has been a few weeks of... intensity, is the most diplomatic way of stating it.

The day of the marriage referendum, I lost my job as Producer at Spin 1038. To say it came as a shock is an understatement. I would like to point out that it was due to a business decision, nothing to do with my performance - and both sides parted on understanding terms.

Despite the unexpected departure, I am grateful for my time at Spin and the incredible experience I gained, the people I met and the team I worked with. My attitude towards job hunting now is onwards and upwards. I refuse to get down in the boots about these things; they're out of my control. My focus now is on starting the next chapter. So keep your fingers crossed for me in the coming weeks!

There have also been family things going on, but this is not the place to get into them. The only reason I even mention any of these factors is to explain my absence and to be honest about the tough time I've been going through.

Someone only said to me, in a passing comment a few weeks ago, how perfect my life is. I laughed and made a joke about how it's far from perfect. Nobody's is - we all have our up's and down's, our trials and tribulations, no mater how it may look from the outside. It's so important for us to be honest about this - our feelings and the realities. Because then we know we are not alone,we know that we are not freaks and we know that there are others out there who will understand your feelings and will help you through. It's something I said before, but truly, the light is always dimmest before the dawn.

But, today's post is not about these things. Today marks the 1st anniversary of the death of Marianne Vardaman. I wrote a blog in tribute to her last year, which you can read here.

There are few days when I don't think of Marianne, even in a small passing way - some advice she gave me, some wisdom imparted. You see, those amazing people that really touched you - they never leave, even when they're no longer in this world. The memories live on inside your head and your heart and you know that you are the lucky one for ever having had the privilege of knowing them.

I know that if Marianne were alive and I were speaking to her about current difficulties, she would
tell me to keep going. She would not encourage defeatism. So I will not allow it - for me and for her.

It was an honour to know her, my "DC Mom", to call her my friend. So this weekend - and in the coming weeks - I will honour her memory and the inspiration she gave me about so many things.

Thank you, Marianne - for the person you were and what you've left me with.

Mucho Love,

Vicky xoxo

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