Monday, 10 November 2014

Blow Me One Last Kiss

As you might've guessed from the title, this post is about a break-up. Specifically, my recent break-up. Because this is real-life and not a Nicholas Spark's novel, if you want a happy ending, I would advise you to discontinue reading. If you think this is going to be more Bridget Jones territory, you are also sadly mistaken.

Don't cry for me Argentina, I have some wisdom to impart.

To spare the blushes of those involved, it's enough to say that suddenly, abruptly, and without indication, I found myself single. I couldn't have been more surprised if Vladimir Putin knocked on my front door asking for a chat because he was having homoerotic fantasies (Although, in fairness, would anyone be that surprised if he was? The lady doth protest too much if you know what I'm saying).

In the same week, I suffered another heartbreak - of a different kind, but also involving feeling foolish due to believing one thing of a person and getting something quite different - so within the space of a few days, I experienced two lashes of an emotional whip. C'est la-feckin-vie, lads.

Anyway, the circumstances and persons involved in the particulars are not particularly important. In all honesty, they rarely are when your heart is broken. Whether it's by a boy, girl, job, family member, friend, death, whatever - what has happened is not nearly as important as the aftermath. It is in the aftermath that you have to live.

We are an imperfect race and as such, we deal with things imperfectly. I dealt with these events how many of us deal with a grieving shock - I alternated between feeling fabulous to feeling shit, with a good dash of alcohol and drunken dancing thrown in. I was surrounded by a veritable army of friends and family who, between them, got drunk with me, got me sober, imparted advice, listened to the tangled threads in my head, tried to bolster my self-esteem and did anything they could to make me feel better. The kindness of people never fails to revive me.

Through them, a good deal of brooding, and that old companion, a little bit of time, I've come to the following conclusions that I think anyone who has ever suffered a disappointment can identify with:

- If you have to keep asking what you did wrong, you probably didn't do anything wrong. If you gave it your all and it still wasn't enough, you're not the one to blame

- There is no shame in loving with your whole heart. Yes, you feel foolish now. You wish you had never entered into the endeavor. In your raw state, you might question how you'll ever jump back in again. But you shouldn't. There is nothing gained if nothing is ventured and just because one idiot - in whatever guise that is - wouldn't or couldn't see their luck, doesn't mean nobody will.

- Emotions don't make you weak. They make you brave. It takes courage to be honest about how you feel, even if you don't always want to feel that way. It's a lot easier to lie to yourself, to refuse to examine what's really going on in your head and your heart. But that's no way to live. And it's no way to be happy. You need to figure out what you're feeling in order to figure out what will make you happy.

Have a little faith, give it a little time, you're going to be just fine.

Mucho Love,

Vicky xoxo


Anonymous said...

Yawn. You're as interesting as a bucket of piss.

Tara said...

Well if its so boring with your yawn, you must have plenty of time on your hands as the post was only up 5 mins when you left your nasty comment and you have impeccable language my dear. I suppose you're not holding down a job either unlike myself and Vicky, so we can pay for you to sit at home on your derriere :) Maybe you're a touch jel of Vicky's education and prospects of actually doing something worthwhile with her life, you are actually a laughable coward, I'm sure you will have an issue with this post seeing as you watch this blog for some strange reason, but yet never have anything constructive to say lovely so dont comment on this you can email me because I'm sure you are just waiting for a comment back ALL DAY, please send your further thoughts to if you have any issues with what I said to you, I would LOVE nothing more than to hear from you xoxo gossip girl. Much love Vicky, haters make you famous ;)

James B. Campbell said...

Vicky, a very interesting and well put few paragraphs!
You made quite a few points, which are facts but we, in today's World take for granted and don't even think about what's going on. Well Done Madam!
One thing also..., One Has No Control Over One's Emotions.., Ever :)