Saturday, 28 June 2014

End Of Week Woolly Head - A Brief Recap

It's Saturday morning and I'm not quite sure where time has gone. With the exception of my latest short story, it's been nearly a week since I posted. So I now find myself needing to sum up the week that was while thinking ahead to resuming normal services tomorrow. I'm going to need more coffee.

On Sunday, in the midst of the sweltering heat, Aaron and I went to see 'The Fault In Our Stars'.

Aside from a group of emotionally unstable teenagers and one sole, middle-aged gentlemen, we were the only ones in the cinema. Being a devotee to the cult of John Green, I knew the inevitable heartbreak ahead so Aaron and I came prepared; a bottle of wine in a sports bottle for me, vodka in a coke cup for him. Teenage fun with adult kicks.

I make it forty minutes into the film before I start sobbing. By the end of it, I'm a mascara-streaked, tear-spilling mess. I haven't sobbed that hard since I watched Beaches when I was five. After the film, sitting out in the beautiful evening, Aaron suggests we continue drinking.

Oh, my liver. There's whiskey and absinthe on top of the wine and passionate singing of Arctic Monkeys at 3am.

I wake up, in a kink, on the couch in Aaron's cabin while he watches Arrested Development. I don't even make it home until 10:30 Monday morning.

I disco nap for a few hours and then meet my friend who is kindly accompanying me to the Blog Awards where I am a finalist in the "Best Newcomer" category. I don't win (which doesn't surprise me), but have a really wonderful evening (which kinda does surprise me).

It's my first time in House on Leeson Street and I fall in love with the place straight away. The "members only" vibe as you cross the front door is offset by the friendly and eclectic vibe once you get in. The decor, the drinks, the music - the whole experience is right up my street.

We spend the first half of the evening in the Garden House, strewn with pastel furniture and twinkling fairy lights. As the evening progresses we move inside to a velvet couch in an old-world room, and remain there until we finally get kicked out. At the insistence of my friend - who is an absolute gentleman and sweetheart - I'm Uber-ed home. My fancy mode of transportation draws a few looks and comments from the lad's outside the pub as I roll up to my house. It's a perfect end to an excellent evening.

Wednesday and Thursday are spent running errands, fixing the house and catching up with Kells Bells and my Mum. Friday comes and it's time for the Leadership Circle Dinner, an annual prestigious event hosted by the DCU Educational Trust, the organisation which funded my scholarship to university.

I get some strange looks as I hop on the 17a in all my finery. Last night alone deserves a post in itself; men in suits, women in evening gowns, networking and speeches, all night long. I rub shoulders with the Mexican Ambassador to Ireland and discuss the crisis in Ukraine with a back-channel diplomat. There's a piece of artwork that's meant to depict a Cardinal but all anyone can see is a maroon-painted canvas. I catch-up with my old friends from the Trust and DCU.

Every year, attendee's are given a goody-bag with products from donors and friends of the trust and the wonderful Orla Holmes sends one home for my Mum. The two met when I was still in college. I was giving a speech at the dinner one year and I brought my Mum as my guest. They hit it off and I think it is the sweetest and most thoughtful thing that Orla always thinks of ways to include my Mum in this part of my world.

Soon after I totter home, I fall into bed slightly tipsy and exhausted, while telling Twitter "Goodnight Moon!"

Today will be spent cooking, reading, catching up with  friends and planning new posts as I recover from a hectic week. First world problems, huh?

Tomorrow, the nose goes back to the grindstone.
Mucho Love,

Vicky xoxo 

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