Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Making the Most of My Emerging Wisdom Teeth: 16 Pieces of Advice

In honour of Reach Out Australia celebrating their 16th birthday, I've put together 16 pieces of advice I would give to my 16-year-old self. You can also see this post on 

                                                                    Me, aged 16

1. Be kinder to your hair. Changing your hair colour as frequently as you change your outfit is cool and all, but your locks will NOT thank you for it when you get into your 20s. 

2. There is no such things as cheesy, embarrassing music. Only music snobs who cannot appreciate a power ballad or the necessity of Taylor Swift tune at certain moments in ones lives. 

3. After suffering a public humiliation, always remember that there will come a day when you will be able to laugh about it and not want the ground to swallow you up. 

4. Deciding that as vodka has no taste to your infantile palette and therefore, you should drink it like tap water, only ends in tears and vomit. Both are your own. 

5. Your heart will be broken. You'll break a few yourself. But it's not a permanent state. 

6. You're going to think you're in love because some really cute guitarist serenades you at a gig and you both like the same food and TV shows. You're not. 

7. You will fall in love when you're older and it is magical and wonderful and you will question how you ever thought that you were in love with some average band member who didn't wash enough. 

8. Eat the damn cake. Every time, eat the damn cake. 

9. Life is full of hard things. But you are harder than whatever it throws at you. You will survive. 

10. Just because your neighbor is a right arse doesn't mean it's okay to throw a jar of salsa on their kid's trampoline when you're having a drunken BBQ in your garden. You will severely regret it when you're hungover, scrubbing dried in salsa off said trampoline the next morning. 

11. While you will always love your family, you won't always like them. That does not make you a bad person. 

12. You will outgrow friends. It's a little sad but you'll make new ones. And you know that girl you call your best friend now? She's still your best friend when you're 23 and you'll see how truly special and amazing that friendship is. 

13. You will make mistakes. It's not important that you make these mistakes but it is important that you learn from them. Also, a mistake is only a mistake if it is made once. After that, it's a pattern. 

14. Stop stressing about your Leaving Certificate. In the grand scheme of things, it does not matter. Where there is a will, there is a way. 

15. Learn to say "no", whether it's to friends, family or peer pressure. There are going to be moments in your life when you just need to say no

16. Never let fear hold you back. There are moments when it will try to, but that is when you must push forward anyway. You will discover that Ernest Hemingway was right when he said that courage is grace under pressure and you will slowly discover that you have more courage then you thought possible. Never let it go. 


Anonymous said...

Vicky Kavanagh ‏@VickyWrites 15h
Just received my first ever bit of online abuse. Wow. Does this mean I've made it?

I knew you couldn't resist.

Vicky Kavanagh said...

What the hell is your problem? Seriously, grow a pair and stop hiding behind anonymous comments.